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Electrical devices
•    Nowadays, the assortment of electrical devices on market has no boundaries and almost each of them has its circuit cabled by conductors or by cables. Our company, within its technological possibilities can be a potential supplier of conductor and cable harnesses for the majority of them.

Lighting and visual technology – decorative LED lighting
•    A new type of decorative lighting appropriate for exteriors connects the technology of production of cable interconnection of electric power supply with LED light body and the potting technology of LED light body.

House trailers – caravans
•    Sanitary technology is part of a basic equipment of modern caravans. This technology requires electric power supply; therefore, the manufacturers of sanitary technology are among our customers.

Industrial electrical measuring instruments
•    Each electrical measuring instrument is equipped by conductors and harnesses

Telecommunications – cable connections/
•    Our technologies and their combinations can be used also in telecommunications devices, such as cable connections and antennae.

Medical technology – medical devices
•    Testing, controlling and measuring devices in health service are not different in construction from other measuring instruments. Their connections have specific character which, in our conditions, can be realized by our company.