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Company TESEC, s.r.o. was created in 1997. Increasing demands for specific products for electrotechnical industry – cable harnesses – motivated the Dutch holding company BBM Investment to establish a new industrial production capacity.

Since its creation, TESEC has come through many stages and changes in management principle.

1997 Creation of company

  • The production of simple products from delivered material under the control of the founder.
  • Company started with production capacity of four operators

2000 Certification ISO 9002

  • Company plans to increase its production capacity with regular material supply, continuous production and expedition of finished products.
  • In the stage of development by production volume, the company emphasizes the quality of realized production in new conditions. This objective is confirmed by Quality Certificate ISO 9002 which company has obtained.

2002 Extension of production capacity/ 30 operators

  • Production realization commercially intermediated from the Netherlands

2003 Certification ISO 9001/2000

  • Work organization for bigger production volume required good management leading to the modification of controlling management structure. This modification has been verified within the whole production process and company has been certified according to ISO 9001/2000.

2004 Extension of production capacity / 50 operators

  • Functioning of new company with controlling management has improved the reliability and quality of whole system and it opens new possibilities how to offer to new customers the services in larger scale.
  • This intention was approved by the demand of customers for a new product assortment and new customers were interested in cooperation with company.

2005 Investment into construction of own production premises

  • interest of customers in further increase of production has motivated the management of company to necessary enlargement of production premises.

2006 Extension of production capacity / 150 operators

  • Newly built complex gave production the possibility for extension and together with increasing number of customers interested in new products it did so happen.

2007 Creation of the Engineering Department

  • Prosperous company needed to build independent technical provision by means of the own technical team, not only for own production requirements, but, in perspective, for the beginning of own development activities on new products, as well. For that reason, in organizational structure, the Engineering Department was created.

2008 Creation of new organizational structure

  • Established production and creation of Engineering Department were essentials for complex modification of organizational structure. Thereby, company started to use completely the own support of Commercial Department, Engineering Department, Material Purchase Department and Logistics Department.